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About Us

We are a small maternity boutique that specializes New and Gently Used maternity clothing. We are extremely picky and scrutinize the clothing we accept with a very keen eye. We thrive on being able to offer amazing prices on high end designer labels. Having a baby is a wonderful yet costly time of your life. We exist to save you money while still making you look great during your pregnancy! 

We do have a small storefront located at 1643 Bayview Ave. Toronto Ont, M4G 3C1. 

Our team consists of Kirsten (the owner - an amazing mother of two), Christine - a super manager!


"I was 3 months pregnant with number two and Christmas was coming. I already felt ugly and jiggly, so I decided that I would go shopping for some new ‘stretchy clothes’ to make me feel better! I was determined to look fantastic yet be comfortable. This endeavor ended in me spending around $500.00 on two pairs of pants and a fancy, loose top.

Our of my disparity to feel good about myself I ignored the reasoning side of my brain (and the whole maternity wardrobe I had already amassed from baby #1) and spent that insane amount of money on something I was only going to wear for the next 6 months. Crazy, right..? Then I realized that I did not really have much of a choice. All of the maternity shops that have the really great fitting, high quality clothes are very, very expensive. This got me to thinking... “there must be another way!”

Every pregnant woman has to buy maternity clothes at some point in the pregnancy. These clothes are worn for such a short time that they are in fantastic condition once the pregnancy is over. For those that have been pregnant, we know that the last thing we want to do it look at those clothes and be reminded of just how big we really were!

Our shop offers a place for women who are finished bringing new children into the world to sell their maternity wardrobes and put a little dough in their pocket for the next stages of life! This in turn benefits the emerging pregnant women as they now have a place to buy amazing quality, high end brands at a very reasonable price. All of our used clothes are sold for at least 40% less than what you will pay new at a fashion boutique.

My goal in opening this store was to create a place where both sides win. The seller gets to recover some of their cost of building these temporary wardrobes, and the buyer gets to buy more for less and perhaps buy brands that they never would have been able to afford at normal price. Every woman deserves to feel confident and look great during her pregnancy, it is a tough time."

Kirsten Torokvei  

Owner, B to B Maternity                                                                                                                 

Please email us at with any comments or questions.

Or give us a call at the store 647-352-8440