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Sizing Guide

Maternity Sizing Guide

We promise it's not as complicated as you may think!

We recommend staying with your pre-pregnancy sizing when selecting maternity clothing unless otherwise indicated on the label. Most brands sizing correspond with you pre pregnancy sizing.

If you were a medium before you became pregnant you should still be a medium.

If you are having twins we recommend going up a size in pants.   

 Most tops and dresses will have longer fronts to accommodate your belly.

There are different styles of belly panels. There is no right or wrong, it's all about comfort. However you may find a favorite, and will most likely prefer a higher more supportive panel later on in your pregnancy. We recommend trying a few styles on to see which you like best.

Below are sizing guides and chart from some of the various brands we carry.



Different Belly Panel Styles

 Size Charts

Isabella Oliver

Lilac Clothing

Queen Mum





Paige Premium Maternity Denim

Bella Band

Thyme Maternity

Boob Designs

Maternal America