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Dressed to Deliver Chloe 3-in-1 Birthing Gown

  • wear as a maternity dress
  • wear during checkups and ultrasounds
  • high quality, soft, breathable fabric made from bamboo fibre from rayon
  • empire waist and style providing a flattering option for all body shapes boosting confidence and providing comfort
  • comes in size small to 3XL
  • empire waist for bust support

Looking for the perfect alternative to the uncomfortable one-size fits NONE, recycled hospital gown which leaves your behind exposed?

 Look no further! The Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 gown gets mama-to-be through her last part of pregnancy right into the delivery room and into her postpartum nursing and bonding days with her new bundle of joy!

This patent pending design provides all the access required for labour & delivery, as well as access for immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding at birth and continued bonding with your new bundle of joy postpartum!

The high quality fabric used to make our gowns is not only  soft on mom and baby’s sensitive skin but ALSO is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, odour and  stain resistant  and we guarantee it will wash up nicely after labour and delivery, so that it can be worn over and over again as a comfortable postpartum dress for for skin-to-skin and nursing!

There are plenty of indignities that come with childbirth but now worrying about being uncomfortable and unsupported in an ugly hospital gown, which doesn’t fit you and leaves you exposed while walking down the corridor doesn’t have to be one of them!!


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