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Queen Mum Slim-fit maternity jeans with baby bump band in blue Size: 28

  • Gently Used Designer Denim
  • Queen Mum Slim-fit maternity jeans with baby bump band in blue
  • Size: 28
Queen Mum jeans are a definite must-have! It’s not at all surprising that mums-to-be just can’t get enough of them.
Their fit is perfect: the back pockets are well-positioned to flatter you from behind, the thigh width is accordingly adjusted so as to be slim-line but also not too tight. The addition of belt loops enables you to accessorise the jeans with a belt of your choice. All the finishing touches (seams, hems, pockets) are done perfectly. More importantly, the under-the-bump waistband is soft and expands with your pregnancy, whilst still keeping its shape even after dozens of washes…
These Queen Mum maternity jeans feel like a second skin. What excites us about the Queen Mum range is that it follows the latest trends, using high quality fine dying techniques in daring colours and bold animal prints… allowing each mum-to-be to find their dream pair of jeans! A very tight-fitting cut, and in a beautiful blue colour, these maternity jeans will go perfectly with all your maternity tops. Its expandable under-the-bump waistband will prove both comfortable and supportive during your pregnancy.
The small, adjustable fasteners inside the waistband will allow you to keep your jeans fitting perfectly and comfortably throughout all 9 months. We adore this beautiful blue colour, a timeless colour that can easily be paired with a pair of ballet flats and a little colourful maternity top.

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